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Brooklyn, NY
Shot by iPhone 12
What has the process been like, to work on a visual project with people all over the world?
The process has been pretty straightforward due to Same Plate managing all artists, content and creatives for the project. Due to their role as producers, it’s helped us keep the project organized. Same Plate and you, TOBi, gave complete creative freedom to our team from concept through to production, which enabled us to have fun and experiment. It’s much more difficult when the creative freedom of a project is restricted by a visual language of a client or collaborator that doesn’t align with our natural creative output. Our studio loves and seeks to be involved with projects from early ideation through to production and implementation to ensure the design intent is to the quality we imagined from the beginning - your project provided that opportunity! Most importantantly though, we gelled so well with the vibe and art direction already established in the album which helped with our early concepting and design for both web and print magazine.
How is it collaborating with your team since you all live in different cities currently?
The studio has a team of seven across five cities in the US, so the studio DNA is built to collaborate from anywhere - we’ve collaborated with many architects, designers and creatives overseas as well. Our ongoing dialogue between the team is fluid betweeen a communication platform (Slack), virtual meetings (Google Hangouts), server (Dropbox) and project management (Monday). The main challenge with this project, among all others, is when a project has physical deliverables (in the case of Vol.1, print magazine), causing difficulty for our team to collectively review early mock-ups and final protoypes.
Has the pandemic affected how you approach your work?
The studio’s team pre-pandemic was centrally located in Brooklyn with a few outliers in San Francisco, Phoenix and Boston. The early adoption of the programs previously mentioned enabled us to shift to collaborating on projects remotely, literally overnight, back in March 2020. What’s been missed most though is the core team collaborating in a single, physical space, which allowed us to collectively pin-up on boards around our studio of work in progress to easily review everyone’s work from a bird’s eye view. This always spurred interesting ideas and concepts that came from a cross pollination of posted work, and a successful replacement to this approach hasn’t been fully realized for our team.

Worth noting as well that there’s a magical sensation experienced when you enter a physical space that is enveloped by ongoing projects physically pinnedup around our walls. This experience allows our team to conceptually enter the worlds we are creating for our collaborators, creatives and clients. It’s critical for us to become one with our work creatively, emotionally and philosophically. This sensation can’t be virtually replicated or experienced through a screen.