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Sofia Garcia
Sofia Garcia
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Digital Art Dealer
Miami, FL
Shot by iPhone 12
Makeda Sandford
Where do you see the spaces technology can take art to in the future?
Hm. That's a loaded question. I mean, technology has completely changed the way we create, collect, and consume art in too many ways to count. With that said, I think all of my interests intersect at this belief that maintaining a digital art collection is going to become widely accepted. I can't wait to walk into someone's home and see original artwork displayed in sleek digital frames. We're in the early stages of a burgeoning digital art market, so if you're an artist and have never heard the term "Non-Fungible Token," please stop reading this and google it right now. This new technique for securing digital art has given so much power to artists and once you understand its implications there's no going back.
What is it like to feel like you're living two lives? (Art & Commerce) How do they combine to make you unique?

Oh man, it's a lot sometimes. I've been working as a technologist at a financial institution for the last few years and I created Artxcode out of this need for my own creative outlet. What started as an Instagram account showcasing generative art, slowly evolved into my new role as an algorithmic art broker and curator- all while still working this 9-5 job at an investment bank. I like to think I enjoy the mental stimulation of having distinctly different lines of work, but there are many days where I feel completely over my head. The balancing act between the two has become an art form all in itself and I'm just along for the journey.

To be honest, I got into technology a bit out of necessity. I realized pretty quickly as a history major that the traditional path of becoming an art curator- spending $100k+ on art school, working for menial wages at a gallery- was not an option for me; It just wasn't sustainable. I decided to participate in a free coding class being offered by a local non-profit organization and it absolutely blew my mind. The more I learned about code, the more I began to understand that technology is created *by people*. It sounds silly, but technology can seem so immense and all knowing when you have no idea what's behind the curtains. I started to see code as a form of technical poetry and once I learned about Processing later that year, it was game over. I've become obsessed with algorithmic art ever since. For the last five years I've had to reconcile the need to provide for myself and while serving my cultural duty to honor the algorithmic art movement in the best ways that I can. I'd say that is what makes me who I am.

It's important that I give some necessary recognition to my co-founder, Sebastian Sanchez. He is the operational genius behind a lot of what Artxcode does and I would not be able to live this double life without him. Make sure to check out Artxcode on Instagram ( and- because I personally think Facebook (and in turn, Instagram) is the worst- you can reach out to me directly on Twitter at @sofiagarcia_io.