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Jonathan Osorio
Jonathan Osorio
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Toronto, Canada
Shot by iPhone 12
Makeda Sandford
Who are your influences on and off the football field?
I would say that many people have influenced me throughout my life and career. Off the field I would say my parents were my biggest influencers for the way they carried themselves around everybody and the way they taught me to be a hard working person and to earn everything you want in life, but most of all, to do it in silence and never to brag to others about your work and achievements. On the field I would say my friends and teammates as a kid shaped me to show a little more emotion than I do off the field and that was definitely helped me excel as I got older. That let me find my own personal swagger and add it to the way I played and that's what made Zinedine Zidane my favourite player ever to watch play. I loved the way he made everything look so easy and it was always nice to the eye to watch him play.
I remember we used to call you "Oscorio" in highschool, you low key inspired me then to be a more excellent rapper. What does being excellent mean to you?
Haha I used to love that nickname! It actually motivated me to be better and to always improve so that I earned that nickname every time I touched the pitch. Being excellent to me is to work hard at your craft everyday and to chase your dreams so that they can become reality. I watched you work at your craft in high school and you always believed in your passion/talent and now your getting all the credit and recognition you deserve, and for me that's being excellent. No matter what obstacles may come in the way, we are willing to find the way around or through them so that we can achieve our goals.