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Brad Simms
Brad Simms
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Professional BMX Rider
Austin, TX
Shot by iPhone 12
Makeda Sandford
I like how you’ll post a video where you mess up a trick or miss a jump and then follow it up with a successful attempt. It shows me that you are trying these moves over and over again. Also, its real to show the mistakes as well. Why do you choose to do that?
The reason I choose to show my mistakes is because some people believe artist are flawless when we know that is untrue. Being vulnerable is not easy. People forget to celebrate the process as if it was not a part of the journey, when ultimately, the journey is responsible for your resilience.

We are all individuals and each path is unique. But somehow “most” people are afraid of breaking from the system, as if it provides a safety net, although it doesn’t, it simply provides social acceptance and conformity. I wasn’t afraid to be different. And with you being a creator yourself, you know and understand that most people are driven by feelings, emotions and only the choices they were given- and I didn’t do that. I did it without a real blueprint - made my own way. That’s tough. And I think people respect originality.